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Psychometric Tests FAQ2021-07-20T08:40:08+10:00
Will my credit card details be secure?2014-07-09T03:16:31+10:00

Yes. Our online payment option uses Secure Pay which is recognised worldwide for its highly secure and easy payment process. It uses the same level of security as the banking industry – i.e. Westpac, Comm. Bank and NAB.

I am not sure which test to order?2014-07-09T02:57:36+10:00

Contact us and we will explain which test would suit your circumstances.

Can I actually talk to a real person?2014-07-09T01:16:42+10:00

Yes. When purchasing on-line, a consultant will be assigned and will contact you through the preferred method that you have indicated when purchasing.

How much experience has Connect Testing had in this field?2014-07-09T01:20:27+10:00

The Directors John and Duncan, have over 10 years experience in this field. They have conducted 1000′s of tests for Local shires, State Governments and private employers. Jobseekers and students have also requested these tests to assist in their job hunt.

How quick can I get a test result back?2021-07-20T08:40:09+10:00

As soon as the nominated person completes the test, we will analyze it and get it back to you by next working day.

How long does it take to do a Test?2014-07-09T01:17:38+10:00

Some tests are timed but most are not. Our most popular and highly recommend test normally takes 35-40 minutes ( General Personality Profile) . And you can do it 24/7 to suit you.

I prefer not to provide my credit card details online. What can I do?2014-07-09T01:17:43+10:00

Ring and speak to us direct. If you are an Employer we can set up an invoicing arrangement.

Will I understand what is written in the test report?2014-07-09T01:17:49+10:00


Yes. It is easy to understand and the consultant assigned is on hand to answer any questions that you may have.


I have a slow Internet connection?2014-07-09T01:17:53+10:00

The test is designed to suit both high- and slow-speed Internet connections, so, you will not be disadvantaged by having a slow Internet connection.

I do not have any access to internet at home?2014-07-09T01:17:58+10:00

As long as you have an email address that you can access, you can complete using any PC computer that has internet access. eg Friend, public computer, internet centre.

Do I need to apply special settings on my computer to take the test?2014-07-09T01:18:02+10:00

No but the program JAVA is used which 95% of computers already have pre-installed. If there are I.T problems a telephone number is included in the instructions sent.

Can I use an iPad/ tablet/mobile phone to do my test on?2014-11-21T00:17:35+10:00


When I Google, there appears to be so many different psychometric or Behavioral tests on the market. Why should I use Connect Testing’s tests?2021-07-20T08:40:09+10:00

Yes, there are so many. Too confusing we think. Our experience shows that most of the employers are confused as well. Feedback from all of our clients, including Local and State Government agencies, suggest that the tests that we have available are what they are looking for.

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