Behavioural Profile for Job Seekers

An interviewer will probably not see you the way you see yourself, and employers are growing increasingly aware that personality is far more important to success than formal qualifications.

So it pays to understand what impression you will give them beforehand.

A behavioural profile will tell you what to focus on – and what to perhaps not dwell on for all too long. Having designed and conducted thousands of tests, Connect Testing provide expert individualised advice that could help you quickly resign from unemployment.

Tweak it just right

Use your Connect Testing behavioural profile to change the impression you give employers; you’ll be surprised to know how easy it could be.

Receive individualised advice

A Connect Testing expert with experience from thousands of tests will analyse your profile and provide detailed individualised advice that you can act on immediately.

Liaise with employment agents

Your employment agent knows the job market – but they probably don’t know you. Our expert-analysed profiles can help them serve you considerably better.

Discover your behavioural profile

Connect Testing have narrowed down the below tests to perfection over the past eight years, so unless you have very special needs, they will serve you well. Should you have any questions about which profile to select or wish for us to create a customised test, just give us a call on 07 3893 4000 for free advice and quotes.

Click on the test below to learn more about each test or contact us for more details

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