Psychometric and Behavioural Assessment for Parents

A successful career isn’t driven by education degrees and experience; it’s driven by personal aspirations and attitudes.

Depending on your child’s personality, a particular career might prove to be easy going – or an impossible struggle. And this goes beyond promotions and income. This is about fundamental everyday happiness.

So employ a behavioural assessment to help your child choose their career. Chances are you’ll find strengths and opportunities you had never considered: the perfect fit.

Receive individualised advice

A Connect Testing expert with experience from thousands of behavioural assessments will analyse your child’s profile and provide a detailed individualised report.

Find your perfect behavioural assessment

Based on your child’s particular requirements, Connect Testing will advise which standard test you should use or tailor one to fit their unique needs.

Liaise with school career counsellors

Your child’s career counsellor knows educations and job markets – but they probably don’t know your child as well as you do. Our expert-analysed psychometric and personality profiles can help give career counsellors considerably stronger advice.

Enjoy the comprehensive behavioural assessments

Connect Testing have narrowed down the below behavioural assessments to perfection over the past eight years, so unless you have very special needs, they will serve you well. Should you have any questions about which profile to select or wish for us to create a customised test, just give us a call on 07 3893 4000 for free advice and quotes.

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