Psychometric Testing Guide


Welcome to Connect Testing’s Psychometric Testing Guide, this comprehensive hub is dedicated to providing helpful information, tips and hints and useful resources for those people who want to know more about doing psychometric tests and assessments. We want to provide recruiters and candidates with a greater understanding of psychometric test definition, helpful psychometric testing tips and several free psychometric testing examples.

Introduction to psychometric testing

Employers, seeking to reduce the time and expense of interviewing candidates that aren’t a good match, may include psychometric tests in the application process. A psychometric test can cover any number of personal attributes, from knowledge to personality traits. It can also test your psychological profile. What type of test an employer use is typically determined by the nature of the job that is open. For instance, a technical job may test your knowledge through numerical reasoning. A stressful, demanding, position might require a psychological or personality profile. A supervisory position may require questions that determine leadership qualities.

The test is administered in a series of questions that will test for the specific traits that an employer prefers for a position. The answers are rated compared to the average taken from a pool of similar candidates. Psychometric testing helps companies identify the hidden aspects of candidates that are difficult to extract from a face-to-face interview.

Who Uses Psychometric Tests in Australia?

They are becoming more and more prevalent as part of an overall hiring process. In Australia about 40% of recruiters and employers require candidates to sit psychometric and behavioural tests. These assessments are popular in a wide range of industries, from finance, banking, technology to government bodies and military. A number of Australian firms make use of psychometric testing includes Telstra, CBA, Ernst & Young, ATO and the Defence Force.

Australian firms use psychometric testing

Psychometric Testing in the US and the UK

Over 75% of the Times Top 100 companies in the UK and 80% of the Fortune 500 companies in America use psychometric testing in their hiring process. Included in the list is Microsoft, Bank of America, 3M, Raytheon, and many more. These assessments have been reputed to be a reliable method of choosing the most suitable applicant for a job. The fact is that it if you want to work for large corporates, odds are you will be asked to undergo some psychometric testing.

companies that use psychometric testing