1. Acknowledgment and acceptance of terms of services

    1.1 The Services defined below are provided by Job Connect Pty Ltd trading as Connect Testing ABN 39 109 944 998 and is provided to you (“you” or “Customer”) under the terms and conditions

  2. Description of the services

    2.1 We will provide a testing profile to you as selected and ordered through the website www.connecttesting.com.au or via email or phone call placed with our office

  3. Customer obligations

    3.1 You will require a computer and modem, necessary to establish and maintain a connection to the internet to access the Services;
    3.2 be responsible to configure your browser to meet the relevant specifications for those tests which are not accessible unless the browser is configured. It is our responsibility to advise you of the specifications;
    3.3 provide for your own access to the internet and pay any telephone and data connection fees associated with accessing the Services;
    3.4 provide current, complete and accurate information about you and the Participants to enable proper and efficient use of the Services;

  4. Modifications to services

    4.1 The Connect Testing website is being constantly developed and reviewed and we may modify the functionality and look and feel of the website in accordance with our normal site development practices from time to time provided that such modification does not adversely impact the provision of the Services.

  5. Prices, taxes and payment

    5.1 The fees for the Services are set out on the website www.connecttesting.com.au.
    You may pay the fees by way of credit card or electronic funds transfer.
    5.2 All prices quoted, all orders accepted, and all billings rendered are inclusive of all GST taxes on any transaction.

  6. Service delivery

    6.1 We will exercise all due care and skill when providing the Services.
    6.2 We will use our best endeavours to provide the Services with due diligence and in a proper, timely and efficient manner.
    6.3 We do not accept responsibility for any delay in, or failure to complete the Services where that delay is the result of any act of God, industrial dispute, act of a third party or failure on your part to meet your obligations.
    6.4 By “next working day” does not mean Saturday or Sunday. If an order is placed on Friday, the next contact will be the first working day being Monday.
    6.5 We warrant that the Services do not contain any spyware.

  7. Refund Policy

    7.1 Connect Testing will refund 100% of fee charged, when the test profile is not commenced within 15 days from profile being sent. The request for this refund must be made within this initial 15 day period to receive the 100% refund.
    7.2 Connect Testing will refund 50% of any fees charged if test profile is not commenced after 15 days from profile being sent where the request for this refund is made between 15 to 30 days of the test originally being sent.
    7.3 Connect Testing will not refund any fees charged if test profile is not commenced after 30 days from profile being sent.
    7.4 Connect Testing will not refund any fee charged if the test profile has been commenced but not completed.
    7.5 Connect Testing has total discretion to refund fees under 7.4 should reasons provided by Customer be accepted by Connect Testing.

  8. Limitation of liability

    8.1 Customer’s selection of tests and interpretation of the results of any tests undertaken as part of the Services, and any decisions based on such interpretation are the sole responsibility of the Customer.

  9. Indemnification

    9.1 Customer agrees to indemnify and hold Connect Testing, its related bodies corporate, officers and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable legal fees, made by any third party due to services provided by Connect Testing.

  10. Proprietary rights to content

    10.1 Customer shall own the electronic and physical copies of all test reports generated by Connect Testing.