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What people are saying about Connect Testing

I did my own recruitment and shortlisted down to 2 applicants. For a total of $100*I had CONNECT TESTING test the 2 and this helped me select the final one. (* plus gst)

Normally a person can learn the skills for the job but as an Employer, I wasn’t sure if they had the personality and behavioural skills to fit in with my team and do the job properly? Tests conducted by CONNECT TESTING helped me immensely.

It was great. CONNECT TESTING tested the final 10 applicants and placed them into an order of merit so I knew precisely which of the ten I should interview. Saved me lots of time.

The 7 PAGE profile given by CONNECT TESTING on the applicants I asked to test gave me a full idea of what I was getting.

As an Employer $80* for a test covering 11 behavioural scales? That is great value. (* Premium Personality)

Applications closed Friday. CONNECT TESTING received them on Monday and results were back within 2 days. That is fast. In today’s climate you have to move quickly to get the best staff.

We are a remote shire and had applicants from interstate. Normally we pay travel expenses for the interview but test results indicated that their “ helping disposition” was very low and therefore we felt they were not suited for our small community. For $80* as compared to $3000 travel cost is money well spent. (*plus gst)

I am impressed how affordable and detailed the profile was that I received from CONNECT TESTING . Over 7 pages of helpful information!

I paid $50* to find out what behaviours I needed to improve on. The profile gave me guidance and a better understanding and now I have that job. Thank you CONNECT TESTING!(*plus gst)

As a Parent I would like to give my child the best chance. I believe that this test may give them that competitive advantage.$50* investment? Well worth it.(*plus gst)

Web site was very easy to use and very quick. I received my electronic link and ID and completed it online. Even had a phone call from a staff member. Now that is service!

I completed an online behavioural profile using Connect Testing. I attached the results to my resume. I got the job! The employer said he was impressed.

I found out that a Government Department uses behavioural profiling as part of their selection process. I ordered the test beforehand. I believe it gave me a competitive advantage.

As an Employer I wanted to know if the person was ADAPTABLE, DEPENDABLE, TRUSTWORTHY and CUSTOMER FOCUSED. Part of my selection process is always using a Behavioural test now.