Australia’s Best Value Psychometric and Behavioural Tests

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Discover a smarter way to
achieve better outcomes

Australia’s Best Value Psychometric and Behavioural Tests

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Discover a smarter way to
achieve better outcomes

Job Seekers

Introduction to Psychometric Testing Australia

Whether you’re about to make a hiring decision or career choice, a behavioural profile will improve your accuracy.

Because it doesn’t only have far greater impact on success than formal qualifications and experience; it’s also a lot harder to change. So employ personality profiling to home in on the most suitable range of candidates, jobs or educations.

Having designed and analysed thousands of psychometric tests in Australia, Connect Testing will help you select the best of the best rather than settling for the best of the bad. You’ll simply score a lot more bullseye. And a lot less bull.

Our Psychometric Testing solution

Connect Testing is Australia’s foremost distributor of personality profiles, holding a license toprofile testing badge profile testing badgeconduct the very suite of psychometric testing used by the premier assessment and talent management companies in the U.S. These tests include the original research of psychologist J.L. Holland.

Having carried out thousands of psychometric tests in Australia across a wide range of industries, we combine our experience with insight gained as recruiters, business owners, employers and parents to provide advice that is equally actionable for companies, jobseekers, students and graduates.

The vast majority of subjects can be tested through our standard range of products, which have been developed to suit particular demands in the respective industry, and we will produce customised profiles to suit your unique needs upon request. First and foremost, we always help you focus on the personal traits that are most important in your particular situation.

So give us a call today or contact us via this website. Over the eight years we have been testing people, we have still not lost a single client. And the reason is obvious:

Connect Testing psychometric test makes a very tangible difference.

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