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Start preparing to make a good impression on a potential employer with Connect Testing’s FREE psychometric test example.

Welcome to Connect Testing’s Psychometric Testing Knowledge Base, this hub is dedicated to providing helpful information, tips and hints and useful resources for those people who want to know more about doing psychometric tests and assessments. This page provides Connect Testing’s free psychometric test example as well as links to additional six examples of aptitude tests and personality questionnaires for practising.

To start preparing to make a good impression on a potential employer, download our free psychometric test example today. Our free practice test includes over 50 questions, cover two main types of psychometric assessments: personality questionnaires and ability tests. Have a go on the practice test, improve your confidence and increase your score.

Psychometric Test Example from Connect Testing

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Additional free psychometric test example:

Quick Tips To Prepare to Ace a Psychometric Test:

Ask Ahead of Time What Type of Test It Is – You can find out from previous people who got hired there, through, or by asking Human Resources (if they’ve scheduled a test in-house for another day). Knowing the type of test and who created it can give you a big advantage and help you score better.

Research Tests and Take Similar Sample Tests – You can typically find example tests online that will at least prepare you for the type of questions you might face when you arrive to take the test. Try to find examples from the same provider being used by your prospective employer, as they will follow a similar format. Research the types of questions and do any relevant readings that will help you do better on the type of test you are going to encounter in your job search.

Practice Working Under Pressure – Some tests are time-limited, so you won’t have all day to figure out one question. Practice the type of test you will be taking and time yourself. Make sure to answer the questions as best as possible, but if you don’t complete the test, it’s better than answering questions in a way that knocks you out of the running.

Evaluate Your Practice Test Results – Figure out what a good score is for a particular test and try to find out where you missed the mark. Gain feedback from people who have taken these types of tests and done well on them, don’t just go by the book. This can help raise your confidence level.

Employers, seeking to reduce the time and expense of interviewing candidates that aren’t a good match, may also include psychometric tests in the application process. Job seekers who have never encountered these types of tests may be confused about the purpose of the test and how to do well on it, keeping them from making it to the interview stage. Doing a little homework on these types of tests beforehand can help a candidate score better, in the same manner, a graduate student prepares for exams that help them enter into grad schools. You can download a free psychometric test example to start practising today. However, for a more thorough understanding, learn as much as you can about psychometric testing to score well before you actually take the test for an employer.