Psychometric Testing Tips

Welcome to Connect Testing’s Psychometric Test Guide, this hub is dedicated to providing helpful information, tips and hints and useful resources for those people who want to know more about doing psychometric tests. This page provides valuable psychometric testing tips for you to prepare for the real test.

How To Pass Psychometric Tests?

Employers, seeking to reduce the time and expense of interviewing candidates that aren’t a good match by using psychometric tests in the application process. Job seekers who have never encountered these types of tests may be confused about the purpose of the assessment and how to do well on it, keeping them from making it to the interview stage.

Know which tests you are going to face:

Psychometric assessments usually fall into two broad categories: personality/behavioural tests and aptitude tests. These two are designed to measure two different aspects of a candidate which are their suitability and capability, as such the formats of these tests are slightly different. As most of the aptitude tests are timed and designed in a unique way to put you under pressure. You should practice aptitude tests under time conditions to get familiar with the real test environment. Keep to time, if you get stuck, move on!

There are no right or wrong answers in the personality test:

In contrast with the aptitude tests, there is no time limit in the personality questionnaires. As everyone has different opinions and attitude based on their personal experiences, therefore there are no right or wrong answers. So it’s recommended to take your time and answer each question carefully and candidly. Be sure to be yourself and not to fake your personal profile, everyone wants to look good as most behavioural assessments are designed to indicate whether you were consistent in your answers. It will cause inconsistency if you trigger fake answers.

Try to identity of the test provider:

There are so many psychometric test providers today, and each has their own, unique testing platforms and formats. The differences could come in length of tests, the number of questions and the question styles. You could best prepare for the assessment if you know who your prospective employer uses as a psychometric test provider. The good thing is they sometimes offers free psychometric testing examples. So try to identify the test vendor, look for their practice examples, have a go, and it will help improve your confidence and increase your score.

Learn about different aptitude testing techniques:

Aptitude tests are designed to measure your competence and intellectual capabilities as well as your logical and analytical reasoning abilities. These might include verbal reasoning, numerical skills, or abstract reasoning test. Familiarising yourself with the specific reasoning tests will give you a significant advantage. For example, the abstract reasoning test is a non-verbal test that uses shapes and symbols as test questions. On the other hand, questions in verbal reasoning test can deal with spelling, grammar, vocabulary and even reading comprehension.

Leverage any tools that are allowed in the test:

Numerical reasoning tests measure your ability to analyse and comprehend statistical data to make reasoned decisions and solve problems. It is important to note that this test is not designed to measure your mathematical ability. Hence, the calculator is usually allowed in the test and even provided upfront if you take the test in a physical environment. Likewise, if you are taking an online verbal reasoning test, be sure to get a dictionary ready to help you with unfamiliar vocabulary.

Read carefully and pay attention to the explanations

Make sure you read the question carefully; aptitude reasoning tests are designed to be deceptive and to measure your competence and intellectual capabilities, so make sure you spend enough time reading the question carefully. You also should pay more attention to the explanations at the beginning of each question. Sometimes they might include some mind opening tricks and tips that could save precious time on the real test, help you to solve the problem faster and therefore improve your score.

psychometric testing tips

Do your homework

Doing a little homework on these types of tests beforehand can help a candidate score better, in the same manner, a graduate student prepares for exams that help them enter into grad schools. So keep in mind our psychometric testing tips and you can also download our psychometric test example to start practising today. However, for a more thorough understanding, learn as much as you can about psychometric testing to score well before you actually take the test for an employer.